Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wii vs PS3 (and Xbox)

During Christmas break - Nick and I drove somewhere together and had a long and in depth conversation about the future of home entertainment and gaming. The impetus for this was whether to buy a PS3 of a Wii.

To make a long story short. We decided that the company that has the best chance to win in the home entertainment system market is Microsoft with the Xbox. They are not there now, but are on their way. They have added movie downloads. They have a good gaming experience. And so on. But what did we end up buying - the Wii (Nick bought it himself).

It came down to the most fun game system. EVERYONE enjoys playing Wii Sports. We haven't even purchased another game yet. Likely Nick will get one for his birthday. But at this point all we have done is created players and played the different sports.

And we are not alone. Wii is kicking butt. I suspect that all of this will change in a few years as home entertainment systems mature. The buying decision then will be based on a broader set of criteria, but for now - the fun won over the most intense graphics and gaming systems.

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