Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is this all part of my midlife crisis?

I got this magnet for Christmas from Santa (in my stocking I believe). It is attached to my file cabinet in my office. It is awesome - exactly how I feel!!

I was looking at it today and thoughts of my a few things that are happening.

I bought a new car. Not just a new car, but a two seater Nissan 350Z. Not exactly your family car.

We are booked to meet up with my Phi Psi brothers in April for an All Gaucho Reunion. This should be really fun to hang out with my bothers and their KIDS.

I plan to soon start up a non-profit. More on this in a few months ...

And I just ordered another magnet. This one is as good as the last one - in some ways better!

Is this all a part of that thing they call a midlife crisis?

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