Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The disaster that is Al Davis

I usually don't write a blog entry that is like this, but just listened to the interview of Al Davis after he fired Lane Kiffin. What a complete and total disaster.

"We will be back. We will be back."

Right. Who would work for the man. He doesn't pay for coaches. He doesn't let them coach. They have to do what he says. And in the case of Kiffin, when he didn't resign as Davis asked him to do, he goes after his character. This is a firing for cause. That means he will do everything that he can not to pay him for the remainder of his contract. I hope Kiffin goes after him, gets what he is owed and finds a way to get more, lots more.

I use to be a Raider fan. That was before the debacle of moving to LA and back. When they returned, I always wanted to be a fan but just couldn't return to those glory days of old. I have still made a point of watching games and cheering for them. But this does it. Until they replace Davis, I am done. And until he is gone, they will not be worth cheering for.