Friday, February 09, 2007

League Wrestling Tournament

Spent the afternoon at Anthony's JV league wrestling tournament. This is a tournament with 14 schools - most of which are a bit thin in the number of wrestlers that they have.

Lynbrook took maybe 12 wrestlers, so we were pretty well represented. And in the end, we ended up with a couple seconds and a few other top 6 finishes.

Anthony had a tough draw. The tournament is seeded, meaning the best wrestlers are paired up with the worst wrestlers through the brackets in hops that the top two in each weight category will end up wrestling for the championship.

Anthony worked REALLY hard in his two matches, the first losing by points and the second by pin late in the third round. I am pretty impressed with the ability of these kids. They are all in good shape and most have been wrestling for a number of years.

Above is a picture of him wrestling in his second match. This was taken with my phone, sorry for the low quality.

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