Thursday, November 20, 2008

Proud Parent ...

This week was proud parent week. Two big things happened.

The first was Anthony's football awards dinner. Julie and I are really involved. She worked with another parent on team dinners as well as the awards dinner. I helped out and made the highlights video. But I digress, this is about Anthony.

He had a great year. He played soooo many positions, it was cool. He played running back, full back, tight end, reciever, inside linebacker, outside linebacker, long snapper and did kickoffs. He was a captain and called the defense plays. But the highlight was the awards he received at the dinner.

There are three big awards the coaches give: Leadership; Coaches Choice and Hustle. He got the hustle award - for someone who was tireless in practice and games! And the award he is most proud of, all league first team outside linebacker. It is great that your coaches say nice things about you. It is even better when the league recognizes you.

Now on to Nick. Not yet as much to say since soccer just started, but he made the JV team (as a freshman). That was pretty expected. The big thing is that has been asked to play center mid. That is kind of like the quarterback for the soccer team, the person who runs things on the field. This is a big honor and a nice reward for all of the hard work with his CYSA team. His coach there recently moved him from defender to mid field, and his skills have improved significantly!

So proud parent week (sorry to brag a bit!).