Saturday, February 17, 2007

100 Things ...

I like the 100 things list so have decided to create my own
  1. I was born in 1962
  2. In Peninsula Hospital (CA)
  3. My mom and dad are Virginia and Ronald
  4. When I was born, we lived in San Bruno
  5. I am half Italian and half a bunch of other things (Swedish, English, Irish, ...)
  6. When I was about 1 we moved to Concord
  7. My elementary school was Woodside (we were the Wolverines)
  8. My best friends were Alan and Kendell
  9. I use to love riding my bike around the neighborhood, no hands, without pedaling, in the dirt, ...
  10. I have a brother Todd who is almost five years younger than me
  11. Todd and I get along great, although he lives in Utah so we don't see each other much
  12. I started swimming on our local team when I was 4 1/2
  13. My middle school was Oak Grove
  14. My first job was working at the neighborhood swim club, Ygnacio Woods Swim Club
  15. I also worked as a gatekeeper and lifeguard
  16. I was in scouts until middle school
  17. My high school was Ygnacio Valley (the Warriors)
  18. I played on the football team
  19. I played offensive guard and defensive line or noseguard
  20. I made second team all league when I was a senior (as offensive guard)
  21. I also swam one year, played baseball another year and ran track one year
  22. I met my future wife Julie at the end of our Sophomore year
  23. I worked at Concord Pool Center while in high school, where I delivered chlorine to swim clubs, worked in the store, did repairs and went out on jobs
  24. I also worked at Pool And Game during high school and summers at college, where I worked in the store and then ran a store in Alamo
  25. My first car was a Capri (given to me by my parents)
  26. My best friend (other than Julie) in high school was Craig (and he is still a best friend)
  27. My parents bought an Apple II
  28. I went to college at UCSB (Santa Barbara)
  29. I am a founding member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity (rechartering)
  30. We built a volleyball court on the vacant lot across from our house (we needed 13 dump truck loads of beach sand - which we loaded by hand - to fill it)
  31. I graduated with a bachelors in computer science
  32. I started out as a bio-chem major
  33. I enjoyed playing on inter mural teams
  34. I got married (to Julie:)) the year I graduated
  35. My first real job was at Amdahl Computer
  36. I played a fair amount of softball and volleyball in after work leagues
  37. I left Amdahl after three years and joined Sun Microsystems
  38. I got my MBA from Santa Clara University soon after starting with Sun (started while at Amdahl)
  39. Our first kid Anthony was born in 1991
  40. We bought property and had a vacation house built at Clear Lake (sold before our move)
  41. We moved to Colorado Springs in 1992, still with Sun
  42. Our second kid Nick was born in Colorado in 1994
  43. I actually missed his birth as I was traveling (Austin, TX) five weeks before his due date
  44. Our house in Colorado Springs was huge (4200 sq ft)
  45. One of our neighbors in Colorado was a four star general
  46. We moved back to California in 1996, again still with Sun
  47. I enjoy biking, running, swimming, and golf
  48. I have completed a number of Triathlons
  49. I have raced my mountain bike a few times as well
  50. My best golf index was just under 10 (not there now!)
  51. I have three bikes (less than I had in the past:), two road and one mountain bike)
  52. I am a HUGE fan of "Life is Good" as you can tell from the name of my blog
  53. We have a vacation house in Pacific Grove
  54. I have had back surgery for a herniated disk
  55. I have another herniated disk :(
  56. I have just had my first midlife "change" (typically called a crisis, but no crisis here) and bought a 350Z convertable
  57. I am a big fan of Tivo (DVRs in general, but Tivo is the best)
  58. I do a lot of traveling with work (India maybe 6 times, China once, numerous trips to Europe, etc.)
  59. I really like podcasts, my favorite is Buzz Out Loud
  60. I LOVE spending time with my family
  61. My mom and dad are divorced, but each has remarried and is happy
  62. My wife is an artist (she will love this as she is still not sure:))
  63. I have grown to appreciate art
  64. My favorite TV show (other than sports) is American Idol
  65. I have two blogs (this one and one at
  66. I am left handed
  67. Although I eat with my right hand ...
  68. I eat very healthy - avoid most of the things that are bad for me
  69. I exercise a lot, mostly at the Sun fitness center during the week
  70. I ride my road or mountain bike on the weekends and usually get a run in as well
  71. I really like Christmas
  72. If I would have been a teacher, it would have been at middle school
  73. My favorite wine variety is Zinfandel
  74. I am a fan of beer, especially micro-brews on the darker side
  75. I am not a big reader, but enjoy it
  76. I am not much for sitting and doing nothing, I have to stay active and busy
  77. I like cats (and have two of them), have had dogs but am not a big fan of them
  78. I am a social introvert
  79. I goal oriented
  80. I make lists - even on the weekends
  81. I am positive
  82. I can be a bit grumpy at times - mostly in how I say things
  83. I have good eyesight (knock on wood)
  84. I plan on starting a non-profit to teach kids how real business works
  85. I am a Republican
  86. My two favorite places in the world are the ocean (Monterey Bay) and the desert (Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona)
  87. I like rocker chicks with raspy voices and fairly hard rock in general
  88. I really like the diversity in people and like to focus on what is good in everyone
  89. I don't have much tolerance for inconsiderate people or people who are not nice
  90. I have never tried drugs (unless you include beer, wine or two puffs of a cigarette)
  91. I like wearing shorts, I don't like wearing ties (and almost never wear one - even when I meet with customers at work)
  92. I would like to do something in city or state government in the future
  93. I enjoy yard work, doing home projects and working in the garage
  94. When I retire (for real), I would like to travel (duh) in the US and around the world
  95. One of my future trips to Europe will be to buy a car, drive it there on a vacation and then have it shipped home (the choices are Porsche, Volvo (no), BMW, Mercedes and Saab)
  96. I plan to continue to spend time with my kids as they grow up and have families
  97. I want to buy a house, fix it up and sell or rent it out
  98. I think that I can do almost anything
  99. I do not want to slow down when I get old (because I am old ...)
  100. It is good to know that there are at least 100 things that I can think of:)

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