Thursday, July 12, 2012

It has been years

I haven't visited my blog in a while, but wanted to check out my bucket list after having gone parachuting, to see how I am doing. Thrus out that I managed to check off a few items over the last couple of years.

- I went to Zion and the Grand Canyon
- I made it to the Apls
- I didn't buy a car in Europe to be sent home, but did rent one and had a lot of fun on the autobahn
- And of course jumped out of a plane

Still more to do, but happy with the progress!

What else... So many things since the last update. Moved and changed jobs. Anthony is now 21, graduated and is working at Brightedge. Nick is 18, graduated from high school and is headed off to San Diego State. Julie and I had our 25th anniversary (two years ago, trip to Germany and Switzerland) and we just celebrated our 50th birthdays with a party / weekend in Napa.

I am not sure when I will update again. I thought I would be more regular with the last update, but that didn't happen.