Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nick's Birthday

It ain't over yet - but things are winding down. They are all in their sleeping bags, so I can write up a quick blog entry ...

Today was Nick's birthday party. He and his friends started off pretty early. Here was the agenda (including the rest of the night and tomorrow).
  1. Meet at 10:30 at our house
  2. Head to Chipotle for an early lunch
  3. Then to Sky High Sports for some trampoline play (right after lunch:))
  4. Back home
  5. Open gifts
  6. Watch the Chronicles of Riddick
  7. Sing happy birthday and eat ice cream cake
  8. Go for a spa and swim (wow is that water cold!)
  9. Eat pizza
  10. Play video games, whatever ...
  11. Watch another movie - Robinson Crusoe
  12. Play some more
  13. Go to bed (~midnight)
  14. Aebleskivers for breakfast
  15. And play some more
  16. Everyone heads home (10-11am)
They had a good time. They sure look tired but happy. I expect that they will be up before I get up tomorrow (or later today).

Overall, a pretty good party!

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