Sunday, December 24, 2006

The rest of the charity selections

Following my last blog entry, here is what everyone else has decided to donate to.

Nick selected Care. He wants to make sure that everyone has food, shelter, medicine and so on. He struggled as to whether to give some of his money to St. Jude Hospital.

Anthony picked Accion. This is a nonprofit that establishes a pool of funds to give out as micro-loans. He thinks that this will have the longest lasting impact as the money will be used over and over.

Julie picked Innvision for half of her donation. She picked the Arts Council of Silicon Valley. This is to insure that arts are not left out as funding becomes more and more restricted. She also decided to volunteer at two others:)

Papa picked Christian Brothers. He remembers how they made a difference as he grew up - impacting in some way many aspects of his life and creating a lasting impression. His first interaction was at Mullen High School, started by the Christian Brothers.

Mom decided on Sun City Foundation (seniors helping seniors). This is the nonprofit within the Sun City community where she and Papa live. They can see how this helps those who need help.
And as I described my last blog entry, I picked a bunch of places:)

This really turned out to be great. It is nice to hear how many ways we can help others. And it is awesome to hear the different perspectives!

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