Friday, February 23, 2007

Couple of days in Tahoe

Just back from a couple of nice days in Tahoe staying in a cabin with friends. Here is a picture taken the first day.

A bunch of us went skiing at Donner Ski Ranch. We met up with some other friends there as well, so there were two dads and six kids. Three were on skis and five on snowboards.

Since the ski area is pretty small, we were able to find everyone pretty quickly. And with the weather the way it was - pretty windy - there were only four lifts open. So we spent most of the day on the front side where it was reasonably protected. We did end up on the back after lunch. It was also pretty protected, but getting there was tough. The top was really windy, and you had to either keep you speed up to get from one lift to the other, push if you had skis or walk if you had a snowboard (which is what I had to do).

The next day we awoke to a snow storm. It started snowing at night and continued for most of the day. So we played games and played in the snow - sledding and building a snow shelter. Here is some clearing of snow in the shelter and three inside. Pretty cool!

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