Friday, May 25, 2007

Winding Down ... Ramping Up

This is my 19th year at Sun. I was all ready to leave to start a nonprofit when the most amazing thing happened. Sun (Jonathan our CEO) asked me to stay on as an employee and follow my dream. Why would Sun do this you ask ... well, because it is a good cause and a good thing for Sun. I will expose a large audience of students to Sun and Sun technology. The payoff for Sun will be down the road when these kids grow up and run their own businesses.

But this entry is not about the nonprofit. Take a look at the new blog that I created on FreshBrain.

This is all about timing and changing of my career. I am down to the last week or so of my old job. I will be traveling down to Monrovia next week to meet with my folks for the last 1:1. It will be my last staff meeting. And by the end of the week, we will announce the new organization.

I plan to take about 6 weeks of vacation over June and July. The list of things that I want do do during this time is already growing:) I plan to play some golf with Nick. Get in shape for a triathlon. Do a few house projects. And then get into FreshBrain full bore:)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

American Idol - What Happened to Elliott?

Ok - I am an American Idol fan. For those of you who watch, I knew that Melinda was going to be voted off last night. She is the best singer, but just not an idol. The two that are left are more of what I would expect from idols. And now I am convinced that Jordan is going to win. She has come a long way, certainly most improved. Blake is fun to watch but just doesn't have the range that Jordan does. So he is next to go and Jordan will win it all!!

But the real point of this post is about Elliott Yamin. He sand last night. He was on last season and made it a long way - down to the final three if I remember right. He was kind of cool, a pretty good singer and got better as time went on. But he was not the best looking guy in the world. Bad teeth, kind of grungy looking. I knew that he had his teeth done, but check out the picture of the before and after.

I couldn't find one from last night. He has continued to change his look. He has even more hair and lost weight. Quite a transformation ...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

First pictures with my new camera

The weekend before last Saturday was a long day of soccer. Nick tried out for the ODP (Olympic Development Program). This is an opportunity if selected to play with some strong kids, against high caliber teams and potentially move to higher and higher levels of play (regional first, then state and national). I don't think he is quite ready, but he has come a long way over the last year or so.

Anyway, the point was that it was a long day. Nick had two try outs. One from 9-11 and the other from 1-3. Both were about a half hour away. Then Anthony had a game at 4. So I spent pretty much all day watching soccer (I did make a couple of phone calls and went for a run).

But the good news is that I took some pictures with my new camera. I got a Canon XTi,a 70-300mm lens and a 2GB memory card (good for about 430 pictures). I am just getting the hang of it - here are a couple of pretty good pictures.

I am sure I will get better, but am happy with the initial results.