Saturday, July 14, 2007

Donner Party:)

We just returned from a couple of a really nice vacations.

The first was up at Serene Lakes near Donner (Lake Tahoe). We stayed for close to a week in a cabin there. What a great place. The word Serene really describes it well. A beautiful lake with a fun beach, paddle boat and canoe rentals, a lodge and restaurant, and cabins surrounding it.

We took a great ride on the Flume trail. This ride is gorgeous. There is quite a climb (maybe 4 miles) from Spooner lake up to and around Marlette lake. Then on the Flume trail. This is a narrow and fairly flat trail that runs along a part of an old flume (to transport logs). It is way way up on the mountain above Lake Tahoe. The views are absolutely amazing. We then rode down and took a car that we had dropped off earlier back to Spooner lake.

We also took a number of other road bike rides around the area. The most interesting was from the cabin down to and around Donner lake and back. There is a pretty significant hill that we first went down and then back up that went from Donner Ski Ranch to the lake. Amazing views and the weather was great!

While there we also went to the beach at Serene Lake and Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe, went to a concert in Truckee, did some shopping, took a hike and a couple of walks, and even relaxed and did nothing:)