Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Day Job

I tend to talk a lot about family and other things outside of work. I don't talk all that much about what I do day in and day out. I don't really want to do that here either:) But here are just a few snippets that might give you a flavor.

I am responsible for a set of products at Sun that we broadly call the Java Composite Application Platform Sute. A suite of development tools and products that allow companies to compose new solutions from their existing IT infrastructure to quickly provide new value.

Some of the common names for this are application to application (A2A), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business to Business (B2B), and now Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

We are developing the next generation of these products in open source. The open source effort is called OpenESB. This is the creation of a community that aids in the development of these products. The larger Sun strategy is to open source everything that we create in order to gain the largest possible adoption which will result in a larger customer base and ultimately more revenue!

It is a very fun time to be in this space. The adoption of SOA is growing at an amazing rate. It is no longer a question of if a company is going to use SOA for their architecture, but rather when and how fast.

We were recently positioned in the leadership category by Forrester, an analyst in this space. Here is the press release and full report if you are interested. We are seeing great momentum with our customers and through significant growth in sales and our sales pipeline.

We are growing our partnerships around these great products. The best recent example is an HUGE announcement that we made with Accenture that focused on Java CAPS and our Identity Management solution.

There is an excellent newsletter for customers that we have created called Sun Integration Insights Program. You can sign up for it here. There is also a sample that you can look at.

And lastly ... The company that we acquired that provided us with the core of Java CAPS was called SeeBeyond. Interestingly, wikipedia has an entry for them that talks about the acquisition.

They are located in Monrovia, CA. This is close to Pasadena.

The picture is my home away from home, the Ritz Carlton (only $135 corporate rate:)).

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