Wednesday, June 06, 2007

FreshBrain and Time Off

As I mentioned in my last blog entry - my current job is winding down. Actually, it really has wound down this week. The announcement of the merge of my organization into my peer VPs organization should be going out tomorrow. My team all knows what is happening, who they will be working for and when the announcement will take place.

As a result, I have cleared my calendar and I am beginning my new career - as head of FreshBrain. But since it has been almost 19 years since I joined Sun, I want to take some time off and do a bunch of stuff that I have not had time to lately. Here is a snipit from that list:)
  • Get in shape. This amounts to at least more exercise and a personal trainer. What is my goal you might ask ... well, don't really have one. Just want to be able to ride up highway 9 without standing, do a triathlon and maybe the Alcatraz swim. This list could definitely change.
  • See the sights. Not sure what the list will look like ultimately, but Yosemite (scheduled) and the Palace of Fine Arts are a couple of examples.
  • Read a few books. I have been working on David Baldacci's "The Hour Game" for quite a while now. Need to finish it and get on with a few others.
  • Play golf. I haven't done much of this in a while ...
  • Spend time with Nick and Anthony. I will be playing golf with Nick. Anthony and I will definitely play some catch. More stuff to be planned.
  • Do stuff with Julie. Sightseeing is one example. Workouts. Walks.
  • Home projects. I have a short list. Might just keep it that way.
  • Vacations. We are going to Tahoe with my mom and Curt as well as my brother Todd, Chris, Cooper and Anea. And we will be going houseboating with the Jacobsens.
  • Take pictures with my new camera. Lots of opportunities already mentioned.
Sounds like a great summer!

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