Sunday, June 24, 2007

Anthony Sand Soccer

Anthony's team (the Strikers) played a sand soccer tournament this weekend. What a great event and what an amazing weekend in Santa Cruz. It was clear, warm but not too warm, and a very happening place to be!! We had to be there on Saturday by 10:30 to sign in. The first game was at 1:50 and the second at 5:10. They managed to win both games and Anthony played really really well.

I fit in a bike ride between checkin and the first game. I did about 35 miles down the coast past Capitola and Rio Del Mar before turning around and riding back.

Then this morning we had to get to the beach by 8! It was again a beautiful day. No fog and warm enough at 8 to go without a sweatshirt.

The game didn't go as well this time. It was the semi-finals and we played a really strong team. But the Strikers worked hard throughout!

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