Friday, May 25, 2007

Winding Down ... Ramping Up

This is my 19th year at Sun. I was all ready to leave to start a nonprofit when the most amazing thing happened. Sun (Jonathan our CEO) asked me to stay on as an employee and follow my dream. Why would Sun do this you ask ... well, because it is a good cause and a good thing for Sun. I will expose a large audience of students to Sun and Sun technology. The payoff for Sun will be down the road when these kids grow up and run their own businesses.

But this entry is not about the nonprofit. Take a look at the new blog that I created on FreshBrain.

This is all about timing and changing of my career. I am down to the last week or so of my old job. I will be traveling down to Monrovia next week to meet with my folks for the last 1:1. It will be my last staff meeting. And by the end of the week, we will announce the new organization.

I plan to take about 6 weeks of vacation over June and July. The list of things that I want do do during this time is already growing:) I plan to play some golf with Nick. Get in shape for a triathlon. Do a few house projects. And then get into FreshBrain full bore:)

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