Monday, June 11, 2007

Farting Around :)

I am half on vacation, half working on FreshBrain. It is kind of hard telling which is which. For example, right now I am playing with a new and interesting site called I created this highly intelligent widget. I also created a bunch of other recordings. I think that if you search for freshbrain, you will find them. Not sure that they are actually worth the effort.

We are also going to Stanford tomorrow to check out the Senior Project Software Faire, where we hope to see what college students are doing for their senior project and maybe get some insight into where we should be taking FreshBrain. We may also do some recruiting:)

And later this week we will be meeting with a graphic design company who sounds willing to do some pro bono work for FreshBrain.

All of this wrapped around starting up with a personal trainer, getting some runs and bike rides in and spending more time with Julie and the boys:)

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