Sunday, November 13, 2005

Time to get back to it ...

It has been a LONG time since I added to my blog. My bad. Time to get back to it.

My goal is to add to this at least a couple of times a week. Even if I add only a few sentences. I would like to get to the point where I add pictures on a regular basis as well. We will see.

So this was a great weekend. We went to PG on Thursday night. I worked from there for about half a day Friday and took the rest of the day off (and a beautiful clear warm day it was!). I decided that I would treat Friday like a work day. Got up, took my shower, had my coffee, ate, and got to work. I had a couple of scheduled calls and made a couple of others as well. It worked out really good - with the exception of not having connectivity. I went with Julie, Nick, and Anthony into town where I went into Kinkos and connected. They went to the store and bought frisbees ...

Once I was done checking mail, they picked me up and I was done for the day:)

We went back to the house, dropped off my stuff, and went out for a game of frisbee golf. We ended up giving Julie 2 strokes, Anthony and Nick 1 stroke and I played even. After about 2 1/2 hours of play we ended up with a three way tie for first, and me in second:) It was a blast!
We had dinner at latitudes (the old Tinnery at Lovers Point) and headed to the book store.

The bookstore was a reward for both Anthony and Nick's good quarter. They both have been playing sports and did very well with their grades as well - both almost getting straight A's!

... since I am just starting this back up - a quick update. Nick did cross country and is almost done with wrestling. Anthony just finished football ...

Saturday turned out to be just as clear and nice as Friday. Julie and I left the kids and went for a two hour walk / hike at Point Lobos. If you haven't bee there, you have got to go!!

We headed back just in time for lunch and the Cal / USC football game at Snarleys. It was a bit of a blow out, so we stayed only until the half. We left Julie to her art and headed to Big 5. Got a trackball and smashball sets and headed back to the house where we played in the park for hours ... We ate at home and watched Batman Begins - good movie if you haven't seen it.

And today was nice as well. We played at the park and at the beach in the morning, then headed home home just after lunch - there are always chores to keep up with.

So overall, awesome weekend.

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Gin said...

Well, this is really a first for me! Guess my friends wouldn't believe I commented on your Blog! My weekend was great too - the Silent Auction went great - made more money than ever before - we got $680 for Todd's Gourmet Dinner - it was exciting. I'm so glad it's all finished - was fun but much more work than I figured. I'm planning on calling to see about Thanksgiving. Hope you're home!