Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Soft Society

It is the day before Thanksgiving - lots of thinking about how much we will eat tomorrow, and what football games will be on. But I was thinking about something else today when I took a walk to the grocery store to get something to eat (the cafeteria was already closed).

As I was walking to the store, it hit me how soft we have become. We don't walk much. We walk sometimes for exercise, but not much just for fun or just as another way to get somewhere. We don't even ride our bikes for that purpose. We get in the car and drive. Wow - I am starting to sound like an old man.

That wasn't the purpose of this. Well, I don't think there was a purpose. But it just hit me how our activities have changed. The kids still play outside, but they rarely meet up with a bunch of friends and play football or baseball at school. When they do - they have a great time. But it doesn't happen all that often. Some of this is out of fear. We don't feel comfortable with our kids out of our sight, or out of close sight. We are worried that they will be kidnapped. I guess there is more of this going on than I think. Or maybe it is just more visible. It is a HUGE leap to allow kids to ride their bikes to school.

There are lots of other examples of this. How many people do their own gardening vs having a gardener. How many of us do the physical things that we or the generations before us did. Not all that many, unless we are doing it for a purpose - to get in shape:)

Kind of reminds me of the comment that Steve Young made the other day about Chris Simms - he said:
I worry that he grew up in a much different atmosphere, a laissez-faire kind of atmosphere. And I'm worried he really doesn't have the mental toughness to deal with the information overload that comes with the NFL.
Chris' dad Phil didn't take to well to this:) He fired back with his own comments on Steve. Steve then resonated to these and tried to clarify. But all that Steve was saying is that he grew up in a Soft Society. My point exactly:)

So not that this
necessarily is really good or bad, just an observation. As you can tell by my comments, it is a bit concerning to me. Maybe the pendulum has swung too far.

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