Friday, November 18, 2005

Workouts and Travel (and other related challenges)

I am home from a short one day trip to Monrovia. It is Friday, my schedule is pretty light, but I have a bit of whatever is going around. So this may be yet another day that I go without a workout.

Which led me to the topic of the day ... :)

It is just too hard to get enough workouts in. Yea, yea, as I always say, it just has to be a priority and you will make time for it. But it is a priority for me - just maybe not enough. But that being said, I am having a heck of a time getting them in.

So what gets in the way ... and what to do about it.
  • Travel - short trips to Monrovia (LA) and long trips (India, UK, etc.)
  • Important Team - multiple locations, biggest part of biggest software acquisition that we have done, significant revenue riding on the products my team builds
  • Big Job - lots of expectations around customer visits, presentations, etc.
  • Old Age - more injuries than I have had in the past, calf is taking forever to heal, same story for shoulder separation
  • Kids - want to spend time with them when I am not traveling / working!
I know, no simple answer. I just have to keep working on it. Just a couple more emails and I think I will go for a short run before my next call ...

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CurtTaylor said...

Just the beginning of feeling a little old and not being able to be 20 years old again.