Friday, December 17, 2004

What a week ... kids now off on break

It has been a while since my last update. Too many things going on to keep up like I would like to.

Finally got back into some decent workouts. That pretty much takes up the first few hours of the day. If I am successful in getting to the gym at around 6:00 (usually closer to 6:15), I can get a decent workout in and be out of there around 8:00. That gives me a chance to get something to eat, ready some email, prepare a bit, and there pretty much isn't a day without a meeting that starts at 9:00. The rest of the day is typically booked. I may have an hour free and maybe another hour at lunch, but they end up filled by checking email, making a few calls, etc.

So this week I got three workouts in. Not bad, and they were reasonable quality:) I then of course had things scheduled for the evening, either a dinner with folks from work or an Anthony soccer parents meeting, or ... what else happened this week??? Don't remember anymore.

We did manage to get some packages wrapped and ready to send off. We had better finish tomorrow so that they arrive by Christmas.

Now onto a weekend. The boys are off for two weeks. They are pshched! I will work M-Th and then be off Friday and the following week. I will be ready - quite busy at work and looking forward to hanging out, friends, family, Christmas, and PG!! The fun begins this weekend with a play tomorrow night and Imax Polar Express on Sunday.

Hope you all are having as much fun as we are ...

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