Thursday, November 30, 2006

Heading to Europe and India

Just finalized my itinerary for my trip next week to Europe and India. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun, and not just a bit tiring:)
  • Sunday depart SFO to London Heathrow at 6pm
  • Monday arrive 1pm
  • To Hotel to shower
  • Meet my folks at the office at 3pm
  • Pub and dinner that evening
  • Tuesday visit customers Telewest and Harrods (maybe some Christmas shopping???)
  • Night fly to Amstedam, taxi to hotel
  • Wednesday visit customers Schiphol and ING
  • Night flight to Paris, taxi to hotel
  • Thursday visit with partner Cap Gemini and customer SNCF
  • Night flight to Munich
  • Friday visit customers BMW (and pick up a new M5!) and Daimier Chrysler Financial
  • Saturday morning train to Frankfurt
  • Saturday flight to Bangalore at noon
  • Sunday arrive 1am
  • Sunday OPEN (maybe catch up on some sleep!)
  • Monday visit partners Accenture, PWC and WiPro
  • Tuesday day in the Sun office with my team
  • Tuesday LATE / Wednesday early flight to Franfurt / SFO
  • Wednesday arrive SFO noon
I will definitely be making the most of the time that I have. There are some great customers on this list, and some good partners. I will be with the local sales folks in each country. Good chance to meet them, fill them in on what we are doing back at "corporate" and hopefully help them to do more business!

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