Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kids Sports Weekend

It was the total kids sports weekend.

Nick played in a soccer tournament in Burlingame - about a half hour from our house. It started Saturday morning at 8am (meaning we had to get there at 7:15, so leave the house at 6:45, so get up at 6:00!).

They were playing a CYSA Class 1 tournament with mostly A teams. His team is a B team, so this was stiff competition. They lost the first game 4-2. We then played at 11:30 and won the second 4-0. To make a long story short, this gave us the most points for a second place team in the pool play.

So on Sunday we played again at 8am - this time one of the two top teams from pool play. We shut them out 3-0. So we had a game at 2:30 for the championship. Needless to say, we lost that game 5-1, but as a result ended up in second place for the tournament. Awesome for playing with mostly A teams!

The rest of the weekend was the CEEF Gala fund raiser for our schools and preparing for Anthony's end of year football party. I put together a highlights movie with pictures and video from all of the games. This took longer than expected, but was a highlight of the party.

During the party Anthony got two awards. He was again a scholar athlete (two this year on the team) and made all league as a fullback. You can guess which he was most proud of! It was the all league, but he now has a goal of four years of scholar athlete:)

Didn't get much else done - but a good weekend for kids sports!

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