Monday, November 13, 2006

Sun Open Source Java Technology

Ok - I usually don't put technical stuff in this blog. But thought that I would this time. But before I do, the ups and downs of last weekend ...
  • Anthony played his last game Thursday night (kind of a weekend). They lost, but they scored three toughdowns! I thought that Anthony was going to get one. He rumbled for about fifteen yards on one run but didn't get into the end zone. Played full back the whole game (often times in a single back set), played nose guard (I resemble that ...), played defensive end and of course did the long snaps. Good year.
  • Nick played soccer on Saturday. We had to go all the way to Salinas. It takes 5 hours door to door for a game that is two 40 minute halfs. Long time. Bummer is that they lost. The other team showed up 5 minutes AFTER the game was suppose to start, didn't warm up and went ahead by three goals in the first half. We came back and tied it up. They scored. We had shots, even bounced one off the head of one of the defenders just in front of the goal as the goalie was out of the play after diving for an earlier ball - but couldn't get it through:(
  • We went to Ian's a 50th birthday party on Saturday night. Good time. Stayed with Craig and Dina over night. Kids went and stayed with Chris and Brandon. All had fun!
  • Nick played another game on Sunday. Close to home. Playing the second best team and tied two all. They were happy with this result - they just keep getting better.
  • Jeff and I went for a nice bike ride. Couple of hours. Still feeling it in my legs:)

Now back to open sourcing. This means making the source code available to anyone that wants to use it. The goal is to get more people using our stuff and innovating. We believe that if we do this, everyone including us will be better off. And we will build strong relationships with developers and customers. Working so far, this was just another big step on our way to returning profitable!

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