Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What a Superbowl!!

I think Nick and I were the only ones rooting for NY. So not only was the game great, but the team I was rooting for won. And after watching most of the commercials again - they were pretty good as well.

Before getting into my favorites, I want to give another plug for the Sports Business Radio podcast. On his most recent podcast, Brian Berger did an awesome interview of Denny Galati who is the VP of Creative Development for Anheuser-Busch. They discussed the company's $18M expenditure on Super Bowl XLII TV commercials - explaining how the cost of reaching their customers is actually fairly reasonable (this was a surprise to me!).

And one last thing. I was impressed with Jordan Sparks rendition of the National Anthem. Pretty traditional with just a bit of flair. Very nice.

Now back to the commercials. I like the AOL sports site to view these. My top five are:
  • Audi, Godfather - nice mix of old and new, and a VERY COOL car!
  • Budwiser, Rocky - engaging and fun, first time I have seen the story applied to a horse:)
  • GoDaddy.com, Danica Patrick - the only one that got me to their website
  • E-Trade, Baby and Baby II - cracked me up, especially the comment about the clown
  • Victoria Secret, Model - duh!!
On the other end, a couple I didn't like.
  • Energy drinks in general
  • Amp, Jumpstart - painful
How about you?!?!

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