Saturday, February 23, 2008

College Visit Week ...

We just got back from a week of Southern California college visits. This was both fun, a good learning experience and a chance to hang out together (a bit of a vacation!).

We drove to San Diego Sunday. Long drive but we got there early enough to drive in to La Jolla for dinner. We ate at Jose's Courtroom restaurant. Good start. The town is really quaint and the food was GREAT!

Monday was San Diego State University. This really isn't on Anthony's list, but while in town we thought that we would check it out. And who knows, might be right for Nick who is thinking of nice weather together with a good school:) Well - we were pleasantly surprised. The school was impressive. Definitely moved up on everyone's list!

In the afternoon we made a quick swing through the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala and then to old town. And that night we went to Hotel Del Coronado for dinner. The weather wasn't great , but didn't stop us.

Tuesday was on to UC San Diego. We all had high hopes for this visit as it is in the top 3 UC schools in terms of entrance requirements. None of us were impressed:( It didn't feel like there was a theme to the buildings or any kind of consistency. The feel was just odd.

That night we traveled back to LA swinging by UCI (where we decided we needed to go back on Friday for a visit). We stayed in a Courtyard Marriott. It was excellent! Wednesday was UCLA. We all liked it. Better than UCSD for sure. Took Anthony a bit of time to feel comfortable, but then fine. It is the smallest UC campus but the space is well used and the layout makes for some good open space.

Thursday was open. Santa Monica beach and pier (rides mostly closed), Hollywood Blvd where we saw preparation for the Oscars and went to the wax museum, and then a basketball at the famous Pauley Pavilion. UCLA vs Oregon State. Cool being there but a blow out.

Friday was UCI. Kind of backtracking but well worth it. Nice feeling campus. Big open park in the middle with a simple layout of buildings around it. Ate across the way, checked out the book store, etc. and then drove home.

Overall - well worth the time. More for Anthony to chew on. The ordering as of today is something like UCB first, fall back is likely UCI in close with UCSB. UCLA is good but if he doesn't get into UCB, then he would likely not get into UCLA (all goes well, this should not be an issue:)).

Check out the pictures.

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