Monday, December 12, 2005

Boys and Girls Club - Your Legacy

Julie and I attended a Boys and Girls Club fund raiser dinner last week. This was a good time for a good cause. But I got a lot more out of it.

The guest of honor was Rigo Chacon. I remember the name growing up. He was a news reporter for ABC 7 news. He has done a number of things since then and left a real legacy.

It is that legacy that really got to me. His son Rigo Jr. spoke about his father. He did a phenomenal job describing what his dad meant to him. What he stood for. How he spent his time and money. Things that he did back in the town that he came from. Rogo's father had just passed away a couple weeks before the dinner. So his memory was fresh in Rogo's mind. Rigo talked about what his father meant to him. What he stood for. What they learned from him.

So what will my legacy be. What did I get from my mother and father. What do I remember. What did I learn. And what am I passing along to my kids. To the community. What will I be remembered for.

It really makes you think!!

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