Saturday, September 01, 2007

Back From Summer ...

How does that song go. Schools out for summer. Schools is out for ever.

Well, school is back from summer. The boys are back at it (although this is a three day weekend:)). Nick is in 8th grade. Top of the heap, king of the school - and playing soccer at the same time. And Anthony is a Junior with am impossible school schedule, football and soccer as well.

Today was the Anthony's football scrimmage as well as a soccer tournament game. He has one or two soccer games tomorrow as well. Nick has the weekend off having his normal soccer practice last night. Julie and I are just doing normal weekend stuff before we attend a pool party on Monday.

Thought that you might be interested in a few pictures of Anthony from today's scrimmage. He did well. He is playing 1.5 string running back and 2nd string inside linebacker. He also does long snaps on punts and PAT/field goals. And he is on the kickoff and kickoff return teams.

Making a tackle.

Dropping back into coverage.

Carrying the ball.

Hope you enjoy. And keep checking my FreshBrain blog as well Jujuart (Julie's blog). We are both trying to them up weekly.

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