Thursday, March 08, 2007

Audio Leadership Conference

Sun is now holding two leadership conferences a year. One where all of the VPs are invited in person and all directors electronically (through webcasts or audiocasts) and one where everyone attends electronically. Today was one of the later. So I had a choice. I could sit in my office (home or work) and listen in OR I could go for a bike ride and listen in while getting my exercise.

As you might expect, I choose the bike ride. The conference was from 8:30 to 11:45. I was on my bike at 9:06 and made it home at about 11:40. What a great use of my time and I got a 40 mile bike ride in as well:)

I did run into a couple of problems. As I got into the hills I started losing reception so I had to turn around. I decided to drop for the 15 minute break so had to stop to dial back in. And at one point along highway 9 as I was almost home I lost reception and was dropped so had to dial back in.

But all in all - a great way to spend the time:)

Check out the route that I took if you are interested.

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