Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Coming to an End

This has been a very different summer. Guess I say that every year. But I really mean it this time. From the vacations that we took to my job to the economy to the amount of golf that we played to Anthony taking off to Nick signing up for football. Completely different.

Some highlights.
  • With the economy being in the tank, we decided on Pacific Grove for a MONTH. For various reasons, all of us spend different amounts of time there, but it was a blast. Something that we have never done.
  • We played a LOT of golf. Everyone loved it. Using handicaps, we played a lot of "Captains Game." A great way to team up and make it competitive. We played a couple times in PG, a couple of times at Laguna Secca, at Seascape and Tilden.
  • We did some cool hikes. Played frisbee golf. I even managed to get Nick into road bike riding.
  • At FreshBrain, we ran a Summer Virtual Technology Camp. This is the first time we have ever done anything like this - the first time anyone has. We got around 40,000 visitors and over 2200 teens participating in our 8 learning paths. All of this was supported by 15 interns of which Nick was one.
  • The middle of the summer was all about Anthony spending time with his friends - preparing for the big change that was about to take place.
  • Then Anthony took off to UC Berkeley to start his job filming the football team practices. His way to stay connected to football, big time football, and to make some money.
  • And now Nick is not only going to play soccer, but will be kicking for the Lynbrook JV football team as he heads into his sophomore year.
So that's where we are. An unusual summer, but we really had a good time together.

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