Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Been a while - anyone listening??

I have not posted in a while. But since today I nailed one of the items from my bucket list - thought that it was time to post again!!

I got to drive a race car today. Julie gave me Introduction to Racing at the Skip Barber school of racing at Laguna Seca. And it was awesome! Check out the rest of my pictures on Picassa Web.

For those of you who have raced before, you already know this. But it is way cool!! I wanted to drive in one of these open wheel cars because they are so different. And I think I made a great choice. You kind of lay down, are tight in the compartment and really feel and hear the race noise.

I don't know if I was the fastest. Kind of think I was in the top two (they moved us around a bit to put similar drivers together). I did manage to spin the car all the way around on one corner and ended up in the dirt, but restarted and was on my way. But in the end - definitely recommend it. What a blast!

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