Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Christmas ... Back to WORK!

It is three days after Christmas. Back to work!!!

FreshBrain is about a month from our Beta release. There is a LOT to do. Just to give you an idea:
  • Complete the development of the new website
  • Complete the work with the legal firm to create our Privacy Policy, Website Terms and Conditions, Copyright and IP Policy, Website Usage Policy and the Student Consent form.
  • Populate the website with Activities, Projects, Tools and Training for the Students
  • Find our first set of Advisors
  • Create training for the Advisors and train them:)
  • Complete background checks on all Advisors
  • Create an invitation program for Students
  • Implement the invitation program - get the first set of students for projects on
  • Market FreshBrain and in order to get lots of visitors (note that ALL students will be able to do activities, use the tools and use / take training - but only those with an invitation will be able to do projects)
All the while we need to be building our pipeline for donations and increasing the number of partners that we are working with.

Of course once we get the Beta release out, we will take a day and get back to it. We need to make an update to the site no later than March and then provide new features no later than June!

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