Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Update

I am doing well in updating my freshbrain blog. Not as good with this one. Here is a QUICK list and a couple pictures:)
  • Great progress with and our Button & Icon design contest. We have about 100 entries. We have had over 2300 people visit the site. Getting ready to launch another contest, this time video in about a week.
  • Both Nick and Anthony have finished their soccer seasons. Anthony also finished football. Now Anthony is wrestling and Nick indoor soccer.
  • Twisted the crap out of my ankle last weekend paying indoor soccer. Doing well until I tried to step in front of one of the kids and rolled my ankle on his foot.
  • While on medical issues ... found out what is wrong with my shoulder. I have a ganglion cyst. Took an MRI to figure out what the problem is. Not sure of the next step yet, but likely will go straight for surgery.
  • Pacific Grove for Thanksgiving. Haven't been there in WAY too long. Enjoyed great weather. Took a long walk at Point Lobos. Mountain biked at Fort Ord. Played frisbee golf in Monterey. Hung out!
Talk to you soon:)

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Charly said...

I hear that you are a FOrt ORd Mountain biker. I invite you to get connected to the FOrt Ord community. First the mountain bikers Monterey Off Road Cycling Association at has lots of information about biking Fort and links to things like updated maps. Second The Fort Ord Users Group will keep you in touch with the plans for developing the west end of Fort Ord and the restrictions on use that will be entailed.