Friday, April 20, 2007

Rock Wall III

I finished the rock wall almost two weeks ago. Just now getting to the blog entry showing the final product. I had some excellent helpers or supervisors:)

It looks even better now having had a week of cool weather and some rain. The plants already look like they are happy and healthy and some are blooming.

It may not show, but I put in a drip system. I connected to a pipe that was already there. It was a single sprayer for the whole area around the tree. It must have been installed when the tree was really small. It is now surrounded by tree roots.
I plumbed in three dripper octopus heads with enough capacity for 8 dripper lines each. Given the number of plants, each has 6-7 tubes connected and running to individual plants. I also added a dripper line for the plants at driveway level.

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