Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bikes, Runs, and Swims?

Fitting workouts in with everything else is just plain hard.

Work, travel (with work), kids, household responsibilities all just get in the way. I know that everyone goes through this. But here is how I stay motivated ...
  • Switch things up
    • New activities - if you road bike, then mountain bike. If you run, then hike. Do aerobics. Do spin classes.
    • Old activities differently - if you run , take a different path. If you mountain bike, try a technical climb. Go rock climbing.
    • Distract yourself - wear a MP3 player. Think about your next career, how to help your kids, dream about a vacation.
  • Go on a vacation
    • We just got back from Arizona. I went on five hikes, ran five times and mountain biked twice. It was all soooo different. I came back totally recharged:)
  • Set a goal
    • Do a triathlon - always a good one to get you working.
    • Shoot for a certain number of days or hours working out.
  • Get energy from others
    • When you find someone that is doing more, try to determine how they do it. Get positive energy from them:)
    • Look at the people that you don't want to emulate and use this to generate positive energy!
  • Make it fun
    • Go with friends.
    • Pretend that you are racing someone (and beating them of course).
    • Run some stairs - backwards.
    • Just find some way to make it less bland!
  • Set yourself up to succeed
    • Rather than plan to do five workouts and plan all five of them, set a goal of four workouts and schedule five. This way if you miss one you still succeed. And if you get them all in, you over achieved.
Let me know what you do and use these if they are helpful!

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